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Work Requests in The Villages

Dr. Energy Saver Central Florida is dedicated to helping our community by always providing exceptional customer service, quality craftsmanship, and reliable products. It's how we've built our reputation for excellence in The Villages. Learn more about Dr. Energy Saver Central Florida's recent work requests in The Villages and nearby areas!

Learn more about Dr. Energy Saver Central Florida's recent work requests in The Villages, FL
Vicinity of Unger CT in The Villages
Would like options & quotes on installation of attic stairs Thank you
Vicinity of in The Villages
Looking for enhanced ways to more effectively cool our home and get the heat out of our garage. Radiant Barrier seems like a good solution.
Vicinity of in The Villages
My garage is reaching nearly 100 degrees during the day. There is reflective wall board on the roof underside however there is no insulation in the ceiling over the garage. The garage faces the rising sun in the am and temperatures are unbearable. I would like an estimate to have insulation blown in the ceiling. The area is approximately 400 Square Feet.
Vicinity of Cedar Waxwing Drive in The Villages
I am purchasing a new home in The Villages/Fenney south of Wildwood. I would like to get estimate on interior wall insulation/blown type for a few walls. The address is 5617 Cedar Waxwing Drive; close date is August 23rd. I am doing this for sound deadening purposes.
Vicinity of Leggett Lane in The Villages
Blown in insulation over the garage area.
Vicinity of Cedar Waxwing Dr in The Villages
New construction need insulation in garage and lanai to keep drywall seams from cracking
Vicinity of Eastfield Path in The Villages
Duct cleaning
Vicinity of in The Villages
I need an estimate for blown-in fiberglass insulation over my Florida room and garage.
Vicinity of Nottingham Loop in The Villages
Vicinity of Ridgewood Path in The Villages
We would like an estimate to insulate our garage doors please.
Vicinity of Derby Ave in The Villages
Insulation over liana and garage
Vicinity of Walnut Way in The Villages
Vicinity of Arial Pl in The Villages
Would like to know how I can increase my energy efficiency.
Vicinity of Maybank Loop in The Villages
9 by 20 lanai
Vicinity of Kranz Avenue in The Villages
I would like a quote for having blown in insulation above my garage (2-car plus golf cart size). House was purchased new 8/17. Please contact me via email.
Vicinity of Tuscaloosa Path in The Villages
Radiant Barrier Quote
Vicinity of Cross Hill Drive in The Villages
Our house was built 4 years ago. A Jasmine style. We've been up in the attic from the garage and don't see a lot of insulation. Now with the cold weather our furnace literally never stops running!
Vicinity of Van Buren Way in The Villages
Add blown insulation to attic and outside bedroom walls and radiant barrier over garage
Vicinity of Tropical Ter in The Villages
Need 820sf addition insulated
Vicinity of Sea Grapes Way in The Villages
I am closing on a Gardenia designer home on Jan 2 in the villages. I would like a cost quote to insulate my attic space in the home.
Vicinity of Sea Grapes Way in The Villages
I am closing on a new build house in the village of fenney, The Villages, Florida. I am interested in installing radiant barrier in the attic. Its a designer home, Gardenia, and I am closing on Jan 2 2018. Please provide me a quote. thanks
Vicinity of Plaintain Path in The Villages
Looking to price attic radiant solar barrier installation in Gardenia style home (approx 2675 sq ft); please include type and thickness of material used, warranty/guarantee, lead-time for installation, time for actual installation, guestimate of monthly electric bill savings and any other relevant info including why we should go with you vs others (including solarguys). THank you!
Vicinity of Gooding Place in The Villages
Add approx. 4 in blown installation
Vicinity of Orista Ct. in The Villages
Need some insulation removed that was damaged in IRMA. Also want some additional improvements in the attic.
Vicinity of Bradley Terrace in The Villages
Need air ducts cleaned
Vicinity of Habersham Court in The Villages
Interested in radiant barrier and attic blown-in insulation.
Vicinity of Harvey Lane in The Villages
Have questions thinking of doing over attic in garage
Vicinity of Davenport Drive in The Villages
Ways to save on my monthly bill.
Vicinity of Baffie Ct, --- in The Villages
Insulation of house.
Vicinity of Long Loop in The Villages
Attic insulation for garage and radiant barrier for roof. Would like to have an estimate for both.
Vicinity of Ironton Place in The Villages
Quote for attic insulation A. blown insulation or B. batt 22" between joists. 1. over my lanai - 8.5' x 14.5"' and 2. over the garage - 18' x 21' 22" space between beams. Thank you.
Vicinity of Tango Street in The Villages
I am interested in insulating my garage ceiling and outer wall.
Vicinity of Brier Creek Cir. in The Villages
I have a Sanibel III home and would like to have it re-insulated (all the ceilings) with blown-in fiberglass. There is area above the lanai which needs new insulation and an estimate of 10 baffles to block the vents. I had it done on my first home and would like to do it on this home. There has been a lot of walking around the ceiling areas and much of the insulation is packed down or settled. Do you do it and rough estimate.
Vicinity of Infinity Run in The Villages
Ceiling and wall insulation in attached garage
Vicinity of in The Villages
We moved about 1.5 months ago. I feel air movement where I would not expect it. So I am interested in an energy audit for my home
Vicinity of Loop in The Villages
Want to I insulate finished garage
Vicinity of Baylor Place in The Villages
Just purchased a pre-owned home that was built in 2004 and interested to get an estimate for duct cleaning. Do you also provide dryer vent cleaning?
Vicinity of Mt. Pleasant Ter in The Villages
Quote installing a Mini/split in Lanai -140sq ft. Eileen
Vicinity of Jemima Avenue in The Villages
I want to reduce the heat in my garage and home I want radiant barrier 1665 sq. ft. courtyard villa how much?
Vicinity of Kaley Ct in The Villages
Hot garage
Vicinity of Mont Clair Lane in The Villages
Need celling of lani insulated the rest of home has white blown in approx. 350 st.